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Monday, November 5, 2007

Guest Blogger Today: YOCHEVED GOLANI

Please welcome my guest blogger for today, Yocheved Golani!

How I Wrote It’s MY Crisis and I’ll Cry if I Need To: A Life Book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge

By Yocheved Golani

I needed life-saving brain surgery in 2005. It removed a benign tumor crushing all my nerves. After the operation I needed physical therapy and help for my new double vision. I had to figure out which image to ignore as I struggled to walk along stairs, floors or ramps. And I needed to develop enough strength to sit in a chair for periods of time. Friends suggested that I keep a diary of my accomplishments during recovery so I could focus on my progress. I agreed that it might be a good idea.

At first I thought about the book before I wrote one word. It’s what creative writing teachers call “pre-writing” – just thinking about the thoughts you want to share, and in what order. Then I began writing my journal. I made jokes about my situation, and also wrote some inspirational thoughts that motivated me to get better.

Friends later read my words and asked me to write an entire book so I could teach other people about how I’d survived mentally and physically. They believed that other people could learn from me, adapting my coping techniques to their needs.

I wanted to speed up my writing so I did the Hot Pen technique of recording my thoughts and repairing the spelling and grammatical mistakes later on. I’d brainstorm and polish the text in spurts, watching my book grow between that first post-op year and the start of the second post-op year. Then I began following the advice of a natural healing expert. I ate only organic foods, rose at dawn and went to bed soon after dark. My vision improved to the point that I was able to make significant additions and improvements to my manuscript about two months later.

A journalist since the Nineties, I’ve prepared Op-Eds and feature stories and provided various writing services to private clients. I’ve already honed my writing skills. That reality is partly responsible for the book people are reading today.

One of my suggestions in the book is about the need to get out of a rut when we try too hard. Sometimes we trapped in our efforts. We lose sight of what we’re trying to accomplish as we become over-devoted to filling our schedules and sticking to them. It’s self-sabotage. Emotions and thoughts speed up so fast that we have a hard time remembering what we were thinking about five minutes ago. Things get so bad that we can hardly describe it to anybody. It’s really mounting pressure that’s unraveling our reserves of goodwill and productivity. That’s how people burn out at their jobs and private lives - doing the same old same old for bosses, friends, family and ourselves, only to arrive increasingly faster to frustration, boredom, anger, resentment and the question called “WHY am I doing this?”

I teach my Life Coaching clients and readers to Break Set in order to get out of ruts.We simply need to stop what we’re doing even though we haven’t scheduled a break or a time to make up the lost work. If we don’t break into our set habits and counterproductive devotion to obeying other people’s whims and demands, then we risk breaking down.

My book warns readers that their bodies will arrest them in order to stop their developing strokes and/or heart attacks from happening. They’ll become weak, ineffective, possibly hospitalized for nervous exhaustion. It’s the body and mind’s last-ditch effort to get some rest from workaholics!

To cope, just step out of your daily grind and do something totally unrelated to the mess you’re leaving behind. Go on a picnic. Go bowling. Hit the gym or share a meal with someone you like. Buy a new tie or perfume. Take in a show you’d like to see. Smell roses. Shoot some hoops. Buy a hotdog from a street vendor and enjoy the fun. It’s that simple to recharge emotional and mental batteries.

See It’s MY Crisis! for the segment entitled Reward Yourself:

“Every once in a while, break away from the stress of
this medical challenge and treat yourself to something
nice. Massages, good snack food that is compatible with
your nutritional needs, a video, some music, aroma
therapy, a walk or a ride to somewhere pleasant, family
time, a wedding, reunion, any sort of celebration is
healing for you. Anything that brings a smile to your face
is a reward for the hard work you're accomplishing. It's
also a necessary rest from the stress of the medical crisis.”

Media Release

For Immediate Release

Readers in Medical Crisis Cope Better with Inspirational New Workbook

Israel – Have you, a friend or a loved one received a nightmarish medical diagnosis? Calm down with It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life Book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge by Yocheved Golani and released by Booklocker Publishing (Maine, USA) on Labor Day Weekend 2007.

Defeat Despair with Innovative Book
Physicians know that despair works against the best possible functioning of human bodies. It’s MY Crisis! guides readers towards upbeat outlooks with can-do advice, increasing the chances for successful medical treatments. First, Yocheved validates the need to cry at unsettling medical news. Then she empowers her readers with time-tested coping mechanisms. Readers can take charge of their futures with It's My Crisis!

The book evokes humor, happiness, hope and compassion. Ethereal arms reaching for each other on the book’s cover demonstrate how well It's My Crisis! suits a wide readership. The inspirational message is leaving an indelible mark on society. Here’s why:

• The spiritual content is universal.
• Coping mechanisms in the book are safe, sound, you-can-do-it strategies.
• Reader Comments attest to the book’s effectiveness and popularity at
Whoever the reader, no matter their medical crisis, this book addresses their needs in a forthright, pro-active manner. If it’s about Latino Liver Awareness or Superior Canal Dehiscence, or even managing emotional and various health problems throughout the family, you’ll find terrific resources here. Readers and loved ones sharing this book with them can become pro-active in making dignified, productive responses to the challenges of medical and emotional crises.

Buy your copy directly from Booklocker publishing at and in select stores. It’s MY Crisis! can be shipped worldwide. Specialty editions are available for large organizations.

Doctor Approved
“I’ve given Yocheved’s book to therapists and to several patients on chemotherapy. They found it very helpful.” - Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., Gateways Addiction Rehabilitation Founder and Therapist

International and Interdenominational Praise
“A MUST READ for anyone facing a life-threatening or physically crippling illness... Yocheved’s book provides people with practical advice on how to deal with a crisis… She’s Jewish and I am Christian, but the importance of the spirituality in It’s MY Crisis! was incredibly accurate.”

Carl Phillips, ASTA Certified Hospital Consultant and lay minister
Editor, Wesleyan Way Texas, USA

"The hardest part of any crisis is the worry and fear that accompany it. This life-saving workbook will help you direct your thoughts in positive, constructive ways that will make a big difference for you and your loved one. It's a lantern in a dark night from someone who's 'been there, done that.' And if you follow its suggestions, you'll likely come through the crisis better, not bitter. It's filled with wonderful ideas."

Robin L. Silverman, Fullistic Living(TM) Fortune 500 Motivational Speaker

Learn More at the Book’s Blog
For information on It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To: A Life Book that Helps You to Dry Your Tears and to Cope with a Medical Challenge, see

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About the Author
A former Health Information Management professional, Ms. Yocheved Golani was stricken with five meningioma brain tumors in fifteen years. After recovering from emergency life-saving surgery for her fourth and fifth brain tumors in 2005, Yocheved became a Life Coach and completed her newest book. Contact Yocheved for interviews in Israel by calling +972.2.999.8392. Send E-mail to

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